EMF Mitigation Services

Distancing, Removal, Shielding

This is how to reduce EMF exposure. When our clients hire us to perform EMF assessments we get a lot of questions about mitigation. First and foremost effective mitigation can only take place after invisible and odorless emf's and rf's are assessed and revealed with the proper professional level meters with highly sensitive readings. This is overlaid with professional knowledge and a process designed to do this right.

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Our Goal Is To Lead With Natural Solutions First

What we tend to find however, is that city living including subdivisions, town homes, condos and apartments are not in a natural setting. Ie. nnEMFs stands for non native electromagnetic frequencies. These are derived from man made AC electricity. While there is an extent to which we can mitigate sources in your home we don't have permission to turn off your neighbour's sources, nor cell towers and the smart meter grid. Even people on country lots surrounded by trees cannot influence local placement of cell towers. So you can be assured our mitigation recommendations are based on what is needed for the circumstances presented, and if you can achieve healthy levels naturally, we'll be the first to point that out.


Dirty Electricity

Our analyzer reveals harmful transients on your home's wiring. We recommend only the best filters including SineTamer and DNA filters.

Radio Frequency Radiation

We utilize the best shielding fabrics, paints and canopies to bring your sleep exposures down to acceptable levels.


AC Magnetic Fields

We eliminate harmful wiring errors and stray current. We assess outside sources. Magnetic fields from power lines cannot be shielded.

AC Electric Fields / Body Voltage

We use special cut off switches to reduce your exposure to AC electric fields while you sleep.

Mitigation depends on the outcome of an inspection.

Proper and Effective EMF Mitigation Includes But Not Limited To:

Distancing From Sources
Removing Sources
Shielding Sources
Harmonizers Are Not A Solution
Dirty Electricity Filters (SineTamer)
Canopies And Grounded Shielding Paint
Fixing Wiring Errors And Stray Current (Net Current)
Hard Wiring Internet Related Connections
Cut Off Switches (Sleep Switch)


  • Hilarie - Mississauga Ontario
    We wish we had learned about this years ago. Brian found very high dirty electricity in our home exacerbated by 5 receptacles in our den that were improperly grounded (where we have several electronics plugged in and spend time close to). He explained our exposures to different EMFs throughout the house and provided us with several practical solutions.
    Hilarie - Mississauga Ontario
  • Sue - London Ontario
    I found it quite interesting and informative. You have an ease and calmness about you that is really lovely. You provided the data and information in a manner that was understandable for someone like myself who has very little electrical/mechanical knowledge.
    Sue - London Ontario
    Medical Field

Service Areas

Toronto and Surrounding areas

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