Cell Tower RF Exposure Assessment

Living Near A Cell Tower

Quite often mobile towers within 1 km of your home can elevate your radio frequency (RF) exposure.

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Cell Tower RF Exposure Assessments Include

Cell towers can and are being erected just about everywhere and in thicker density than ever before. Currently towers represent 3 and 4G communications Radio Frequency bands and they are designed to blanket communities to ensure signals are robust. This non-native radiation penetrates our living space and is unlike natural background radiation humans evolved with. Countless studies reveal biological effects due to microwave radiation. Findings are published in peer reviewed studies showing causal mechanisms. Current safety standards completely shun the proof of non thermal health effects due to current wireless technologies and usher in the 'internet of things' known as 5G.

Right now in 2020 we are seeing the roll out of 4G LTE Advanced which means increased pulsed data levels. This equipment will receive a software upgrade to incorporate 5G low band frequencies with even higher pulsed data levels.


Radio Frequency

Using state of the art scientific RF meters we will gather measurements from around and inside your home.

Local Cell Tower map affecting property

We will research tower positions and distances from your home.


PDF Report

Measurements, impact and recommendations


For exposure reduction and mitigation.

These RF Inspections take approximately 2 hours to complete.

RF Surveys / Cell Tower Microwave Radiation Testing

Mobile Tower Radiation Penetrates Living Space
Exposures Are 24/7
Pulsed/Modulated Frequency
Biological Impacts Shown In Studies
Test And Know Exposures
Protect Your Living Space


  • Hilarie - Mississauga Ontario
    We wish we had learned about this years ago. Brian found very high dirty electricity in our home exacerbated by 5 receptacles in our den that were improperly grounded (where we have several electronics plugged in and spend time close to). He explained our exposures to different EMFs throughout the house and provided us with several practical solutions.
    Hilarie - Mississauga Ontario
  • Sue - London Ontario
    I found it quite interesting and informative. You have an ease and calmness about you that is really lovely. You provided the data and information in a manner that was understandable for someone like myself who has very little electrical/mechanical knowledge.
    Sue - London Ontario
    Medical Field

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